Greek warrior

Following on from my recent, rambling post, I have actually put paid to one of my PS4 titles.

Battling through hoplites and some frustrating crashes, Apotheon is done. I mentioned a few glitches in my previous post and, although I don’t think I encountered any further crashes which took me right out of the game, a couple of pretty serious bugs cropped up during the final boss battle. In fact, the final boss – I won’t go into details but, choosing from the Greek pantheon, you can probably guess who that would be – took me three tries, two of which I aborted due to glitches. On my first try, a shield essential to victory got stuck in a ladder, as they do. Nothing I did would free it up. On my second attempt, enemies essential to victory either didn’t spawn, or didn’t enter the field of battle – I couldn’t quite work out which. Either way, my hand was forced again.

It’s a shame that this stuff sticks in my mind because I generally enjoyed Apotheon. As anyone who read my last post has probably gathered, I rarely find time to finish a game so, although Apotheon is relatively short, my completing it is some testament to the fun it provided.

Still flush with games to play, I’m not quite sure what kept me coming back to it. Whilst not terrible, the story was really little more than a set of instructions for which God or Goddess to go and harass next. You don’t so much guess the ending as intend it from the very start. I think there was something hypnotic about the combat, the rhythmic block and thrust, which kept me playing. It’s a reasonably easy to game to plod through after a long day.

Apotheon doesn’t try to do too much, and I think for the most part that’s a good thing. There are definitely areas for improvement: the controls to switch between weapons and items are awkward and I wrestled with them right up to the end. That said, there are also areas where the game deviates a little and it pays off: Athena’s spiralling realm proving a particular highlight.

It would be easy and a bit too convenient to describe Apotheon as a rough diamond. It’s certainly scruffy around the edges but I’m not sure it quite earns the ‘diamond’ bit. I’d recommend it, but it’s not unmissable. I know one thing: if they make a sequel featuring the Norse gods, I’ll play the Helheim out of it.

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