Photomanipulated mountains

Five things I consider interesting or noteworthy and, ultimately, worth sharing.

1. Bored Game

Well, this is just stellar stuff from the crew at Dark Igloo. Unless you've never seen a board game advert from the 80s and 90s, this is just gold. Nailed it in every way.

2. The First Step is to Start by Jason Zimdars

In an age of mass communication and seemingly exponential growth of information, sometimes bountiful knowledge simply seems overwhelming. Jason Z's great post explores the idea that, when tackling something new, you don't always need to know it all before you begin. Dive in and learn some lessons.

3. Master by Teeth of the Sea

‘Master’ album cover

I don't really know how to explain this album. I imagine, to some degree, that's what Teeth of the Sea were after. I must confess to not knowing much about them as a band, but that makes hearing these sounds all the more refreshing. Not that this is necessarily a refreshing listen; it is as heavy, dark and weird as it is sparse and delicate. Genre? No idea. Just dig into it and see what you reckon.

4. Our Drone Future

This captivating short film by Alex Cornell really needs to speak for itself. Technically, I'm no film production buff, but I feel there's plenty to admire here and I love the graphics used for the drones. It's a neat, open-ended little snapshot that, one way or another, raises a few questions.

5. Street Fighter Motion Sculptures

There's something about this video which I find really compelling. Beyond the vibrant takes on classic Street Fighter brawlers, perhaps it's creator dantheadman's imperfect renders which add a little glitchy charm. It is both visually striking and rough around the edges, and I kind of love it that way. If this is what gets made when you ‘teach yourself’ Cinema 4D, keep on teachin’.

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