Earlier this month, I was very kindly invited to speak at East Digital (née Colchester Digital). It had been some months since my last attendance – the shift to an earlier start time clashed hard with ‘wrangling both children into bed hour’, but these days things are a bit more flexible. New organisers and sponsors have made the evening an attractive package for the tech-inclined, and it was great to see things thriving.

The theme of the evening was working from home, so I was able to chip in with my experience and some reflection on my time as a freelancer. I followed some great talks from Anna Bravington and Ric Harvey, who spoke about time management and Amazon Workspaces respectively. It was my first public talk in some time, so no doubt I was a little rusty, but people were kind with their feedback and it seemed to spark some discussion.

It was nice to head back to the meetup and see how things had grown. East Digital seems to be hitting a sweet spot, bringing in some informative speakers without losing the fun social element. I’ll be marking my calendar and looking to head back soon.

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