Between 2013 and 2014 I worked with investormill, a web application for finding and charting economic and financial data. I worked remotely with their team as the product grew, and they have since established themselves with a centralised team in New York, rebranding recently as

My role was to design and implement changes in the front-end of the application, working closely with the project leader and adapting quickly to user data as this base grew.

Although the application was not designed to be fully responsive for devices of every size, one of the main challenges was working with data-heavy content and maintaining great portability of design across a range of screen widths. Ensuring that a user’s experience was as seamless on a tablet as on a larger desktop meant making sure key interactions were just a tap away and incorporating plenty of mobile-first principles.

Investormill search screen

Investormill chart screen

One of the other project focuses was making sure that key data was available as early as possible in the user’s journey. We worked hard to refine this experience to make sure that popular data could be found as quickly as possible, without hiding the more granular search options which made up the backbone of the application.

Investormill home search screen

Investormill marketing snippet

Investormill marketing snippet

In addition to the interface design and development, I also worked on the investormill branding.

Investormill logo

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