Neurology Academy Website Network

After working with them to develop a new identity which could support a growing network, the Neurology Academy approached me to design and develop a new website. Just like the identity, this web project needed to accomodate their network of academies and be a platform for continuing development.

Screenshot of homepage

Screenshot of homepage on mobile

Their existing websites used, so it made a lot of sense to continue their content management environment and develop the new sites using the self-hosted Wordpress software. In addition, I employed Wordpress Multi-site which enabled them to manage a network of four sites from within one control panel:

When designing these sites, it was important to establish a consistent brand whilst allowing each Academy’s identity to be clear as well. Colour plays a big part in seperating each brand, so the shared palette was kept very neutral, with each network site utilising a unique primary colour.

Screenshot of four homepages

Redeveloping the network of sites also allowed for other improvements, such as a more dynamic events system with which to manage the many academy courses they run. Moving these away from static web pages allowed for a reduction in administration and the possibility to share event information between the sites.

Screenshot of event page