Neurology Academy

The Neurology Academy is an innovative training programme for medical professionals. Although specialising in Parkinson's, they approached me during a process of expansion to design a new identity that could encompass multiple specialisations under their new Neurology Academy moniker.

During our initial discussions, a neuron was identified as an important symbol around which to develop the brand. My design process began on paper, exploring some representations of neurons which could be developed into a consistent icon for their logo. It was important to keep the graphic recognisable as a neuron, but abstract enough to make a strong identity for the Academy.

Neuron sketches

These sketches were developed into some digital explorations of the neuron icon. A neuron is an intricate thing, and I felt it important to cut away as much detail as possible whilst keeping it identifiable.

Digital neuron icons

As the process of refinement continued, I begin to experiment with how these logos could lock up with text.

Neurology Academy logo exploration

As the stronger ideas emerged, I began to think about the system of logos which was required. I eventually presented three options. One of these was a departure from the neuron idea, incorporating a brain and mortarboard for a more direct reference to teaching and learning. Sometimes a suggestion like this can challenge a line of thinking, and sometimes it can reinforce it. In the end, I don't think this was the right representation for the Academy, but I felt it worth including as a point of discussion.

Neurology Academy logo options

Once the strongest option was identified, the colour and text combinations were refined to produce the final system of logos.

Neurology Academy final identity

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