XACT Building Profiles

XACT Building Profiles were in need of a full website design and build to help showcase the products and services they provide to the building industry. One primary goal was to ensure that visitors were able to quickly and effectively browse their range of products, but it was important not to lose the personal and approachable feel of the business and make sure that opportunities to contact XACT were prominent when browsing the site.

Screenshot of homepage

The site was built using the Wordpress CMS in order to enable XACT to manage their content and product information. XACT are also looking to expand the site and offer eCommerce, and Wordpress will provide a great foundation for this, simplifying both the development process and the management of the shop once it is up and running.

Screenshot of product page

XACT wanted their site to be accessible to customers, whether browsing products at a desktop or looking to find key information whilst on the move. The site was designed and developed to be responsive and optimised for a range of device sizes.

Screenshot of case study page and responsive version

I was also able to work on some custom illustrations for the Values page of the site. XACT pride themselves on great customer service and we agreed this would be a great way to emphasise the importance of their business values.

XACT Illustrations